Are you having issues with configuring Asset Intelligence Synchronization Point Role on SCCM??? If you are, it’s most likely the large question, "Where do I get the CERT.PFX file?" Well, it’s usually due to trying to figure out who to contact at Microsoft. No worries now, I’m going to tell you three ways to get this file. First way is to contact Software Assurance or your Microsoft Account Rep. Second way is to let Catapult Systems configure AI for you…in fact, let Catapult System setup and configure your SCCM. Third way and confirmed by my good buddy Jason Sandys, is to wait 90 days after Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 releases for SCCM 2007 SP2. In SCCM 2007 SP2, you will not have the need for CERT.PFX file when configuring the Asset Intelligence Synchronization Role.

Here’s a few tips when configuring Asset Intelligence.

  1. Make sure your server has access on port 443 to the internet.
  2. You can manually synchronize once every 12 hours.
  3. Make sure your hardware and software inventory are turned on within the Client Agents.
  4. When enabling (Figure 1) this make sure this isn’t in the middle of the day or when your SQL server is at it’s peak.
  5. This will increase the data size on SQL, so be prepared…TechNet estimates double in size.
  6. This usually takes time to setup, so be patient like most other pieces of SCCM.

URL to Asset Intelligence in TechNet Library

Figure 1