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This one was driving me crazy what is the URL for the Interactive Service Hub if you happened to just click past Experience it now in the notification bar as shown here. You can directly access it by entering a URL in your browser. The URL is different depending on whether you’re using CRM Online or CRM (on-premises) as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises): In your browser, type //engagementhub.aspx, and then press Enter. For Internet-facing deployments use https:///engagementhub.apsx. If more than one organization is available, and you don’t specify one, the default organization will be used. Microsoft Dynamics

CRM Online users: Type https://., and press Enter. Make sure you download the configuration changes Any time your administrator makes configuration changes and you reload the interactive service hub, you’ll be prompted to download the metadata configuration. After you click Download now, it may take some time to load.

If you click Ask me later, no changes (customization changes done in the CRM web application) will be downloaded, and you can continue to use the app without them. Some other bumps in the road: You can’t access the interactive service hub using private browsing.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, and you see a message asking for additional storage on your local computer, click Yes. If you click Not for this site, the interactive service hub application won’t load.

Lastly Microsoft has published two new user guides:

Dynamics 2016 User Guide

Interactive Service Hub guide

That is It for now thanks for reading

Matthew Panzano