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Dynamics CRM 2016 is on the horizon. With its recent enhancements it is focused more than ever on streamlining your customer interactions. It now includes a single view for handling customer interactions, and not only with CRM information. You can also leverage Delve to discover more intelligence on your customer. Once your discovery is completed, you can create documents using the new Excel and Word Templates, storing them in OneDrive or SharePoint without ever having to leave the CRM.

Main Themes for CRM 2016 are as follows:


  • The Next Generation Word and Excel Templates
  • Office 365 Groups Dashboards
  • Contextual CRM Documents across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups and OneDrive

Business Intelligence

  • Predictive Analytics Machine learning
  • Intelligent Processes & Sentiment Analysis
  • Cross-sell Recommendations
  • Auto-suggest Similar Cases and Knowledge Articles
  • Intelligent & Contextual Assistance


  • Offline Mobile
  • Streamlined Document Viewing and Navigation
  • Unified Service Self Assisted Interactive Service Hub
  • Voice of the Customer Multi-Channel Enterprise Feedback
  • Knowledge Management

Please join me as I present the What’s New in Dynamics 2016 Webinar Series over the next 8 weeks. Make sure to check our website for registration and more information, Thanks Matt