As I continue to implement and discuss System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2, I continue to be asked questions that while they are logical enough I have never considered them. As I have seen in recent community responses to blog articles there is a wealth of experience with this product in the community so I wanted to start a series which would throw out a question – put up my answer up to this point and see if the rest of the community has experiences which would either augment or contradict my findings. So, on to the first question:

Question: “Can we monitor which drives are mapped for a specific user on a specific server with Operations Manager?”

Background: This question may be relevant in situations where applications execute while they are logged on as a specific user and that specific user accesses network resources via statically mapped drives.

My thoughts: Per it appears that per-use drive settings are stored in the registry. If this is correct, then a WMI query could be written to read the registry key periodically and provide an alert if the content is not the expected result. This would most likely be created via a rule but may also be able to be implemented as a monitor (green state = the drive in question is mapped, yellow or red state = the drive in question is not mapped).

So how about you, any thoughts on this?