Next Industrial Revolution blog

Catapult and Microsoft hosted The Next Industrial Revolution, a hybrid live/on-demand event highlighting how technology is disrupting and shaping the future of manufacturing companies.

The event took place on September 29, 2021 and was kicked off with a Keynote address delivered by Greg Vigil, Microsoft’s Manufacturing Industry Solution Director. Vigil explored emerging trends in the manufacturing industry, including how mixed reality and the 4th wave of computing are dramatically changing the way we work. He also discussed the current technology landscape and how companies can leverage them to build more agile factories, create more resilient supply chains, and engage customers in new ways. One of my favorite quotes from Vigil’s address is: “Things are changing rapidly, and the more quickly you can adopt and adapt to that changing world, and leverage digital technologies, the more robust and valuable your business will be.”

The keynote was followed by a lively discussion among a panel of manufacturing industry insiders, moderated by Catapult’s Matt Zager. Panelist Seth Roach, of Graphic Packaging, summed it best in urging the audience of Industry colleagues to use technology to accelerate transformation: “don’t wait to innovate!”

The live event concluded with the launch of a Learning Channel for Manufactures. This channel features a library of on-demand videos presented by Catapult subject matter experts, including two Microsoft MVPs: Cameron Fuller and David Warner.

Here are some of the videos included in the On-Demand Learning Channel:

  • Keynote: Future of Technology in Manufacturing by Greg Vigil, Industry Director, Manufacturing, Microsoft.
    • Review of the current and future technology landscape and how companies can leverage them for success. 
  • Panel: Manufacturing Professionals Share Lessons Learned.
    • Insiders from Dell, Tokyo Electron, Graphic Packaging and Woodward talk about how they have used technology to stay ahead of the changing market trends.
  • The Top 5 Microsoft Automation Tools Your Organization Should Start Using Today by Cameron Fuller, Director Automation, Microsoft MVP
    • Automation technologies that could provide significant benefits to your organization.
  • Rapid Dashboarding & Data Visualization Made Simple by David Warner, Principal Consultant, Microsoft MVP
    • Learn how to visualize flat manufacturing industry data stored in SharePoint, Teams, and other M365 platforms. 
  • Advanced Alerting and Automated Remediation Through Azure Sentinel by Ed Higgins, Security Director, Catapult
    • Unify your IT and OT alerts for seamless investigation & remediation experience.
  • Azure Hybrid Integration Services by David Vanderslice, Azure Principal Consultant, Catapult
    • Discover Azure Hybrid Integration Services and how to leverage it for your organization.
  • Unlocking Innovation Through Virtual Assistants by Rudy Sandoval, Managing Consultant, Catapult
    • Explore the use of Virtual Assistants in manufacturing, when and where to use them.
  • Using Power BI to Create Resilient Supply Chains by Sergio Toledo, Data Consultant, Catapult
    • The effectiveness of using Power BI to create more resilient supply chains.
  • Innovation Through Modernization by Matt Frey, App Dev Manager, Catapult
    • Demo: challenging customer service issues solved through modernization in oil and gas parts manufacturer.
  • Enabling Remote Access to Custom Enterprise Applications by J Sawyer, Principal Consultant, Catapult
    • Benefits of a hybrid cloud solution to streamline business processes and grow.
  • The Benefits of Azure IoT to Manufacturing by Shawn Deggans, Data Consultant, Catapult
    • Illustration of how Azure IoT unlocks the Art of the Possible.
  • Teams and Viva Topics for Frontline Workers by Tim Cone and David Broussard
    • Insights of using Teams and Viva Topics to streamline operations and support.
  • Protecting Your Operations by Securing Devices by Ed Higgins, Security Director, Catapult
    • Meet the digital defenders you can deploy to  secure your devices. 

There is so much education for the manufacturing industry in this channel. Get access to The Next Industrial Revolution: A Learning Channel for Manufacturer HERE.