I believe that part of the job of MVP’s is to be the advocate for the community in terms of what the community wants to see in Microsoft products. We do this regularly through our various networks and working closely with the Microsoft product teams. For background, this is a quick summary of what’s public knowledge related to System Center 2012 Operations Manager. Please understand – I am NOT saying that the items below are not addressed in OpsMgr 2012 because the product is currently in public RC so things may well change since that point in time. With System Center 2012 Operations Manager close to releasing (official word if 1H 2012), my question to the OpsMgr community is this:

What would you like to see in the next version of System Center Operations Manager beyond the 2012 release?

Here’s some of the feedback that I’ve already received:

Maintenance Mode:

  • Give read-only user role the ability to set maintenance mode
  • Provide functionality to set maintenance mode while logged onto the agent
  • Provide functionality to schedule maintenance mode

Recoveries & Notifications:

  • Recoveries: you cannot see in the history or somewhere else in the alert itself, if a recovery was successful – only in the health explorer. That means, that I cannot report about those alerts.
  • Recoveries: there is the option to reset the monitor from the recovery, but that option normally does not work, because the functionality needed in the background is not implemented into the MPs. So you need to wait until the monitor recalculates state within the defined schedule. That can be a long timeframe and during that the alert still stays open – also if the problem is already solved. So the only option is to create one additional recovery which resets the monitor.
  • Alert History: I think there is not enough information in the alert history. One example is, if a notification was send out for that alert and who the recipient was.
  • Notification: Having the ability to exclude a specific alert based on criteria from the subscription.

Network Monitoring:

  • No MIB import support
  • No current support for NetFlow

Console performance & functionality:

  • Better caching and use of console memory.  Example: Time required to list computers in a group.
  • Automatic Discovery for Management Packs in SCOM 2012 (like what is available in SCE)
  • Management pack downloads should not be restricted to only Microsoft management packs – third party options should be included as well.

Event Correlation:

  • As an example when we lose a router connection to a  remote location it should be possible in the product to suppress all alerts from the servers in the remote location.

Deeper System Center integration:

  • Fully functional management packs for each part of the System Center suite.
  • Integration Packs for each part of the System Center suite including example (configurable) runbooks for commonly requested functions such as: User provisioning, Virtual Machine provisioning, automated issue remediation,  Agent issue remediation, and Maintenance Mode integration.


What do you think above the items above? Are one or more of these relevant to you and your business or are there others that I should have listed? If so add comments to this post!