One of the great new features of CRM 2016 is the ability to create Excel and Word templates. They allow you to create very nice formatted and reusable documents. It is very easy to start this process. Say you pick an entity like “Quote” and you want to have a nice formatted document logo etc. for the quote to send to your customer. There are several ways to start the process from   Settings page. Go to Settings > Templates You will be able to see Document Templates options which was not there before CRM 2016. You can also do this on the fly go to the “Quote” entity and choose the ellipse see screen shot.








The all you have to do is choose create a word template. Next choose an relationship most of the time you would choose 1:N choose in this chase “Quote product” entity. Now choose download the template from the bottom right. Here is the tricky part the document now comes up and it is blank, nothing, nada and I was like really now what? You have to enable the “Developer Tab” To see and add CRM XML data, you need to enable the Word Developer tab. Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon, and then enable Developer. See attached screen shots.


Click OK.

Developer now appears in the Word ribbon.



Then choose “Developer” from the ribbon bar then choose “XML Mapping” Icon this will bring up the XML Map on the right side of the screen. Choose the drop down pick the choose with URN: as the prefix.

Then you will see something that looks like this:



Then choose the field you want to put in your document and right mouse click on it. Make sure to use ONLY” Plain Text or Rich Text” there will be issues if you choose other formats. Just map out the fields you want in the layout. Remember to save the document.

Once saved go back to the “Quote” entity and choose the Ellipse and choose “Word Template ” your new template should appear.

That’s is it for now you can do lots more like field grouping etc. but, that is for another article.

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Matthew Panzano

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