The infrastructure team has begun some testing on the Exchange 2007 migration. My mailbox was moved the other night and this is what I have noticed.

The Process

When the guys moved my mailbox I had to be offline for the move. They tested the migration and let me connect.

  • Outlook had no issues or changes required.
  • My phone detected the change and performed a complete resynchronization.
  • My OWA address changed, we’re running 2003 and 2007 in parallel
  • There is a known issue with Communicator that causes it to issue a login prompt from time to time, this has apparently been resolved though


Visual Scheduling

  1. You can now see the text of your appointments in the scheduler.
  2. Color coded days. The darker the day, the busier you are.
  3. Quick access to suggested times, click and it applies the time to your schedule.
  4. Access to conference rooms (once the guys make the necessary changes to the conference room records) it will be sweet!


Features Galore for the Disconnected User (that’s me!)

The Out of Office Assistant is greatly improved.

  1. You can specify when to send the OOF message.
  2. You can specify what internal users see and what external users see!!! Sweet!
  3. You can also apply rules to your messages for OOF responses.



Speaking of disconnected…how about Windows Mobile? Well there are a bunch of enhancements. Here are the ones that I have found.

Set OOF from your phone

There is now an interface to change your Out of Office message from your phone.

Message Flags

Not only can you see them.

You can set and clear them!

HTML Messages

Support for viewing HTML formatted messages. You are supposed to be able to reply and forward them intact, but I have not found that to work. Tami’s Catapult Cliffs Notes looks great!


Meeting Attendee Information

Now you can view the attendees of your meetings.

Busy Time Indicator

The calendar interface now has an indicator that shows your day at a glance. Makes it easy to squeeze the last 30 minutes out of your day.

Exchange Server Search

You can search for e-mail that is not on your phone. With Exchange Server Search you can query the server for messages.

Corporate Catalog Search

What if you don’t have a corporate contact on your phone? How do you call them? (I know, call Naomi and ask her to call!) NO! Now you can search the "Company Directory" and pull the contact information to your phone. Once we update our Active Directly to include our desk phones this feature will be invaluable!

Meeting Forward Notifications

When your meeting is forwarded by an attendee you will get a notification as the Organizer.