One nice resource for training, and recently discovered in my case, is JumpstartTV, a division of Fourdeuce, Inc, which in turn is owned by End To End Training, a provider of technical training. Fourdeuce has some recognizable owners in the SQL Server world: Andy Warren, Brian Knight and Steve Jones (if you don’t know them, their blogs are behind the links on their names, get to know them, they are pretty darn good).

Currently, they have three "channels": SQL, Misc and .Net. I think if you made the guess that JumpstartTV is pretty loaded on the SQL channel end, you would be right, give that it was started by three SQL aficionados, it only makes sense!

They have posted some pretty good topics out there, and similar to most blog posts, videos are sorted by tags and ranked by popularity. JumpstartTV is open for anyone to become a paid author, with many individuals having contributed already.

If you do not have this as a training resource already, I highly recommend it – videos are at most five minutes, so it is a great way to take a look at a new topic!