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Frequently Asked Questions

The Microsoft Office 2010 Office Deployment Kit for App-V is required for sequencing and deploying Microsoft Office 2010. It enables specific features for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010, including:

  • Extend virtual Office 2010 usage via improved SharePoint integration to Open, Save, Edit files
  • Find your email items quickly with Outlook’s Fast Search
  • Connect to your inbox using Microsoft Outlook Send To functionality
  • Print your documents directly to OneNote
  • Find contents within your documents using Office Document Indexing
  • Open Web-based calendar items and RSS Feeds in Outlook
  • Perform advanced mail configuration using the Virtual Mail Applet
What benefits does the customer receive when using Office 2010 and App-V together?
Deploying Office 2010 with App-V 4.6 solves the top problems we hear from customers: 

1. Speeds up deployment time

2. Easier migration to the latest version of Office

3. Easier application patching and management

Additional benefits include: App-V packages (including Office 2010) can be sent to client machines running 64-bit operating systems.  App-V virtualized Outlook 2010 search is fast and instantaneous, just like non-virtualized Outlook search.

Can I use Click-to-Run to deploy Office 2010 with App-V to the enterprise?

Click-to-Run is a new delivery mechanism for certain retail Office 2010 SKUs intended for end users.  Click-to-Run Office products are not customizable and cannot be deployed in the enterprise like other App-V packages.  Enterprises interested in deploying Office 2010 via App-V must sequence their own Office 2010 packages.  Sequencing Office 2010 requires use of the Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V, which enables the licensing platform to work with App-V virtualized Office applications.

What OS versions does the Deployment Kit work with?

The following list outlines the supported operating systems for running the Microsoft Office 2010 Office Deployment Kit for App-V.

Operating System


Service Pack

System Architecture

Windows XP


SP2 or SP3


Windows Vista

Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate

No service pack, SP1, or SP2

x86, x64

Windows 7

Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate


x86, x64

Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop Services

Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Datacenter Edition

SP1 or SP2

x86, x64

Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services

Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter

SP1 or SP2

x86, x64

Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services

Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter



Does this solve the existing problems with Office 2007 and App-V?

No. This solution does not correct the current limitations when using Office 2007 and App-V together.

Are administrative rights required to install the Deployment Kit? 

Yes. The Deployment Kit is an MSI that must be installed with administrative rights.

Can I deliver/install the Deployment Kit via System Center Configuration Manager or other software delivery tools?

The Deployment Kit can be deployed like any other MSI.  Software delivery tools like System Center Configuration Manager can deliver and install the MSI.

Can I sequence/launch Office 2010 with App-V 4.5x/4.2?

No. Office 2010 is supported only on versions App-V 4.6 and later. We are evaluating the cost of supporting Office 2010 with App-V 4.5, but there are no current plans for support at this time.

Can I deploy Office 2010 to production using App-V?

No.  Office 2010 Deployment Kit is pre-release.  Production deployments are not supported.

Can I upgrade my existing App-V 4.6 Beta Client to the App-V 4.6 Client?
No. The App-V 4.6 Beta Client should be uninstalled before installing the App-V 4.6 Client.

What versions of Office 2010 require use of the Deployment Kit when deployed with App-V?

All. The Deployment Kit serves two purposes: to enable Office 2010 licensing to work for virtualized Office and to enable certain integration features. Please note that all versions of Office 2010 require the Deployment Kit for the licensing components, but the integration features are optional and only supported for 32-bit versions of Office.

Which Office 2010 Beta products can I sequence and deploy with App-V?

The following Office 2010 Beta products may be deployed with App-V:

· Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta

· Office Visio 2010 Beta

· Office Project 2010 Beta

Will I need to redeploy the Deployment Kit when App-V and Office final versions are released?

Yes – this is standard procedure. All beta versions should be removed before RTM version is deployed. To re-deploy, make sure to uninstall the Deployment Kit before installing the latest version.

Why does Office 2010 use the new SPP licensing platform?
The Software Protection Platform (SPP) is new for Office 2010 and leverages the same licensing functionality introduced in Windows Vista and included in all versions of Windows 7. SPP is included in, and required for, all Office 2010 client skus and is an important part of the Office anti-piracy strategy.

To learn more about volume activation of Office 2010, here are some useful links:

· Office Volume Licensing:

· Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Guidelines:

· Overview of Volume Activation for Office 2010:

When will Office 2010 be generally available?

Office 2010 will be available in the first half of 2010.

How does the Deployment Kit enable SPP licensing and the virtualization proxies to work?

Certain Office components like the SPP licensing platform or the Outlook Fast Search indexer cannot work when virtualized. These components integrate with local system features and will not function if they stay in the virtual environment. The Deployment Kit installs Office SPP and proxy components to the machine that facilitate communication between the native environment and the virtual environment.

You indicate the SPP Service must be installed on the Sequencer machine. So why doesn’t the Sequencer capture the SPP service so that I don’t have to install it natively?
All technologies physical or virtual require the SPP component to be installed in order to be in compliance with Office 2010 licensing. Virtualized Office 2010 will not self-install the SPP component when sequencing. Hence, the SPP must be installed in order to sequence Office 2010. The Sequencer actually does not care if the SPP service exists or not. The SPP service must also be natively installed on client machines because the licensing activates itself uniquely with the hardware (i.e., the client machine), and hence, requires a native presence on the machine.

Will Office 2010 work when deployed with App-V to both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows?
Yes. The licensing component is supported for both 32-bit and 64-bit Office on any 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Hence, Office 2010 will work when deployed to 32-bit or 64-bit. The caveat to remember is that the Office 2010 proxies are supported for 32-bit Office only.

Do I have to use the 4.6 Sequencer to sequence Office 2010?
Yes, Office 2010 will only work with App-V versions 4.6 and greater, including the Sequencer.

Will Office 2010 on App-V work on XP, Vista, and Windows 7?
Yes, this will work on XP, Vista, and Windows 7. We also support Windows 2003 Remote Desktop Services, Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Services, and Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services.

Will you publish an App-V recipe for how to do this once generally available?
Absolutely. We understand that virtualizing Office 2010 Beta is important so we have designed, created, and tested a recipe to sequence Office 2010 Beta to facilitate virtualizing the product. You can download the recipe from

For normal MSI installations of Office 2010 Beta volume-license products, I need to have a Key Management Service (KMS) or Multiple Activation Key (MAK) volume activation solution. Does deploying Office 2010 Beta with App-V bypass these requirements?

No. Licensing for either MSI-deployed Office or App-V-deployed Office would require a MAK key(s) or activation against a KMS server. For more information, see

Is the Deployment Kit only to be used with App-V?

The Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V is designed for App-V.