Viewing server disk free space in OpsMgr – a simple option?


I was recently asked a great question by a co-worker of mine (thank you Joe!).

“I followed your blog post (!A231E4EB0417CB76!936.entry) for disk capacity but it requires me to add each individual server, and each individual drive letter on each server, ex: C:\, D:\, E:\, etc. For our 100+ servers (40 physical, 70 virtual) this would be a daunting task. Is there a way to dynamically view all disk objects that have less than x % free space in Ops Mgr? Specifically I am looking for a report that would tell me the names of servers so that I could go investigate each case.”

My next thought (after the creation of the report discussed in the blog entry above) on this was the Near Real Time extension for Visio (available for download at The difficulty here is that it really provide it in a report format. Cool utility, but doesn’t meet the specific requirements here.

Then I ran across a blog article by Ian Blyth (, which worked like a champ for us. It discusses the virtualization management pack and one of the reports contained within it. The report gave us a quick way to list the free disk space for the systems that we were monitoring. Great catch Ian!

The first step was to max out the parameters to insure that all computers appeared in the report (shown below).


Then, we sorted the output by % free disk space.