Deployment Master Michael Niehaus has a few new posts from his adventures at TechEd New Zealand.  He even used Angry Birds for an example, very cool!

Migrating application settings with USMT 4.0: Sample #1

Out of the box, USMT 4.0 migrates settings for Windows, Office, and various other applications (typically current versions as of 2009), mostly consumer-focused.  (See for the full list.)  So what if you want to migrate settings from additional applications?  Well, then you need to author your own migration XML file.

Migrating offline files (CSC) using USMT 4.0

One of the questions that came up after my TechEd New Zealand session on USMT 4.0 was whether USMT migrated the contents of the client-side cache (CSC) used for offline files.  Well, it sounds like it “sort of” does – but by default, it only moves the “dirty” files (those not yet sync’d to the network location).  That’s a decent default I suppose, as the remaining files can be pulled back from the network after the state is restored, and the modified files won’t be overwritten.  So there’s no data loss (always a good thing), but there will be extra network traffic to pull the content down to the cache again.