**** UPDATE 12/17/2012 ****
I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 8 and decided to start blogging again. I decided to use this time to test out Windows Live Writer 2012. It appears that that majority of features are working again as long as you follow the instructions below and pick "Other Blog" instead of "SharePoint Blog". I explain below why this is necessary.
It’s almost perfect, but there is still a feature broken . Live Writer is still unable to  download the blog theme. If anyone has any solutions or success with this, please leave a comment. I will continue to update this post as new solutions are available.




**** UPDATE 3/7/2012 ****

Over the last month I have received several support issues with using Windows Live Writer with our SharePoint blogs. It appears that something has broke in the latest build of Live Writer that causes it to no longer authenticate with the blog site.

Until I find a resolution, I now recommend using Microsoft Word for blogging with any builds of Live Writer after 15.4.3508.1109. There is a small bug with the categories within Microsoft Word that had me previously listing it as a non-preferable method. If you use Word, you will have to manage categories via the SharePoint interface. Other than that, blogging works great in Microsoft Word.


Recently here at Catapult Systems, we upgraded our blog site to SharePoint 2010 with SharePoint Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition (CKS:EBE). This broke a few settings with Windows Live Writer and Microsoft Word, so I put together some notes on how to create rich blog post for our bloggers for SharePoint 2010.

Blogging from Windows Live Writer

  • File | New Blog Post
  • Click ‘Add blog account…’ from the Home tab on the Ribbon
  • clip_image002
  • Choose ‘Other services’. Do NOT choose ‘SharePoint’ because the CKS:EBE overrides the default functionality of SharePoint blogs so this no longer works correctly.


  • Enter your blog information


  • Click ‘Yes’ to download blog themes.


  • Enter a new blog nickname if you are not happy with the default and Click ‘Finish’.


  • You are ready to start blogging!


Blogging from Microsoft Word

Blogging using Microsoft Word is not a recommend method because there is a known bug that exist with blogging to SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 when running the Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition (CKS:EBE). The bug causes the categories not to show up in the blog post because the CKE:EBE overrides the default behavior of SharePoint blogging. Besides this bug, you can still continue to blog using Microsoft Word. Just remember to set your categories on the blog site when finished.


  • File | New Blog Post


  • Click Blog Post Tab | Manage Accounts
  • Click New
  • Select ‘SharePoint blog’ from the blog type drop down


  • Click Next
  • Enter your Blog URL


  • Click OK and you are ready to start blogging!


Thanks to the following blogs for this information: