[Update 11/29/2017: The View Designer is now part of the full product and does not need to be enabled with a preview feature. To open the view designer use the Plus symbol on the top left part of the OMS workspace. The remainder of this blog post has been left in place for to show a simple example of using the View Designer]


Once this is enabled you will see it on the top level view for OMS as shown below (see the “View Designer” on the second line).

From here you can create your own top level tile from one of the available examples:

And then you can build the underlying views. From there you can now create a variety of views from the examples shown below:

Note: To create these you will be using searches so you may want to pre-build the type of information which you want to display in this these views.

So what would these look like when completed? Below is an example where I’ve been working on how to visualize server health in OMS: (first is the top level tile)

And below is the views:

For background on how to gather the metrics above see the blog post at: https://www.catapultsystems.com/cfuller/archive/2016/03/09/what-could-server-health-monitoring-look-like-in-oms/

Kudos to Stanislav who is always on top of these things and put out a tweet on this just a bit ago. Definitely check out his blog at: https://cloudadministrator.wordpress.com/

I hopefully will be uploading the above dashboard and making it publicly available when there is a method to share these types of items in the View Designer!