Recently a colleague of mine, Chris Ross, was asked by a client to help them monitor the performance of their System Center Service Manager (SCSM) environment.  The client wanted to see key performance indicators on the secondary SCSM servers that their SCSM Consoles connect to.  While there is a SCSM Management Pack (MP) for System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM), it doesn’t include any monitors to watch console connections.  Fortunately for the client and my colleague, Cameron Fuller and I had provided another client of ours with a solution for a similar request.

In a nutshell, we’re monitoring these key areas for performance related issues with the SCOM RMS (Root Management Server):

  • OpsMgr SDK Service, Client Connections
    • We know that the OpsMgr SDK service connections counter will fluctuate as console connections are opened and closed.  We also know that this counter does include the default SDK connections, which means that our numbers are going to be slightly higher than the actual number of open consoles.  We didn’t see this as an issue because we’re looking at this from a performance perspective and not from a “how many consoles are open” perspective.  Since SCSM was built upon the SCOM framework, it utilizes the same SDK connections; meaning that the OpsMgr Performance Counters are present on SCSM servers.  This allowed us to share what we did in SCOM with the SCSM side of the System Center Universe.


  • Processor\% Processor Time
    • This is standard for performance monitoring
  • Memory\% Committed Bytes in Use
    • This is standard for performance monitoring
  • Memory\Available Mbytes
    • This is standard for performance monitoring

….we could go on and on.  The key here is the OpsMgr SDK Service Client Connections.  Cameron and I also created a Synthetic Transaction in SCOM that would periodically log into the SCOM Web Console to monitor its response time.  But for Chris’s request, this wasn’t necessary.

Chris goes into more details from a SCSM side in his blog post on SCSM.US.