Microsoft Flow offers solutions to a variety of problems which had historically not been very easy to solve. At MMS this year, Donnie Taylor and I co-presented on a topic where one of the things that we showed with Flow was how to send an email to SCOM using Flow! You can create your own Flows which you then share as templates. I have one of these which is currently available which takes RSS news feeds and tweets them out if you approve the tweet. Blog posts on my previous Flows are available at:

I recently assembled a new Flow which watches for Azure outages and sends me a notification if they match one of two conditions which are relevant to me because they are occurring in (in my case the outage is occurring in a region where I have production resources that may be impacted).

So, what does this look like in Flow? It’s a pretty simple flow. It uses the RSS feed for Azure outages ( and then it I added a condition to look for content on the feed title as shown below (in the example below if it matches “East US 2”). If it matches that content it sends me an email.

If it doesn’t match that in the title it proceeds to check for a second condition which again matches on the feed title. If the Feed title matches “South Central US” then it send me an email.

To create this from scratch, create a new Flow from blank.

Add RSS as the trigger:

Add the URL:

Add a condition and specify that the feed title contains the value you are looking for.

If Yes, add an action for O365 email (or your email choice) and send the email. Save it off and voila!

It took only a few minutes to put together this Flow but it took a while to test it as it only activates this Flow when there is an outage to Azure and it only sends me a notification if it matches one of the two conditions which I listed above. I have submitted this to be accepted as a template but it doesn’t appear to be available yet.

Summary: Are you looking for a quick way to get a notification if there is an Azure outage which impacts your production resources? The approach above should only take a few minutes with Microsoft Flow.


P.S. I submitted this as a template but it doesn’t appear to be available yet. Once it’s available it should be named something like “Email on an Azure Outage if it matches my criteria”.