I started working in Microsoft related IT back in the Windows 3.x/NT 3.51 days and Windows has come a long way since that time. I was working with a colleague of mine last week and he showed me a useful feature from the command line (which my colleague said has been available since Windows 95 but I had never noticed it!). After running the command prompt (start, run, cmd) and using a few commands press the F7 key and it displays the list of commands recently executed (see below) which can be scrolled back to and executed again as shown below:


F8 picks back from this list to run previous commands.

F9 prompts you for the command number and then runs that command.

What was really interesting about this is that the F7, F8 and F9 keys also work in PowerShell! (see below)


I can see how these will be extremely useful especially when running commands like MOMCertImport or when gathering the correct syntax for PowerShell commands.

Summary: In either PowerShell or cmd remember that F7, F8 and F9 can be really useful!

Thank you to Brent Perry for pointing this out to me from the command prompt!