Fellow myITforum member Mark Kent has created a really nice post on using powershell to overcome some issues with software updates installing during a Build and Capture Task Sequence.

Many people who use SCCM to build OS images have come across a slight issue where subsequent “Install Software Updates” task sequences are not finding any patches.  This issue occurs because the machine doesn’t refresh it’s update scan and therefore doesn’t think it needs any updates.  Brandon Linton detailed some PowerShell commands recently on the MDT-OSD list that can be used to trigger a refresh cycle so additional patches are picked up and applied.  Having this issue in our environment, I put this into place and after a little trial and error got them to work as well.  I debated using the offline patching method, but we also install Office 2010 into our image and the offline method cannot patch Office.

Read the full post and see his solution here.