Over the last few months I have been working on upgrading our SharePoint 2007 sites to SharePoint 2010. I was given the pleasure to upgrade and rebrand this blog site collection! Not only did I have to upgrade SharePoint blog site, but I also had to make the Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blogs Edition (CKS:EBE) work with it. Unfortunately, there was little documentation on getting the CKS:EBE to work with SharePoint 2010. There’s just a small note on the latest CKS:EBE 3.0 release that stated it would work with SharePoint 2010 Beta with web.config edits. Some how, I found the right resources and here are my notes on how to get SharePoint 2010 play nice with the CKS:EBE.

Adding the Solutions

First, upgrade SharePoint before you install any of the web parts on the farm. It won’t work when when the CKS:EBE web part is installed before the upgrade. Once you’ve done that, go to http://cks.codeplex.com/releases/view/28520 and grab the WSP file for the CKS:EBE 3.0. Add the solution, deploy and activate.  Remember, if you decide to use the STSADM commands as describe in the CKS:EBE documentation, change the directory to /14 instead of /12 to get it to work with SharePoint 2010. Also, at this time I installed the captcha web part along with other custom web parts to the site.


The Magical web.config Edits

So after you upgrade and apply the solution files, you’ll notice that none of your friendly URLs work and your RSS feeds are broken. Don’t fret, this can be fixed in minutes by modifying the site’s web.config file. These are the “with web.config edits” the CKS talks about.

Fixing the friendly URLs

  • Find the <httpModules> section.
  • Cut the items in this section.
  • Paste them into the <modules> section.
  • Your web.config should look something like this with the CksEbeModule moved.


Fixing RSS Feed

  • Find the <httpHandlers> section.
  • Cut the items in this section.
  • Paste them into <handlers> section.
  • Add a name attribute to the newly added entries. I don’t think it really matters what it is.
  • Your web.config should look like this.


Tag Cloud

So you might notice that your pretty tag cloud also broke when you upgraded. What is happening is the PostCount variable is not being populated and returns null. This causes your tags not generate the right styles and defaults to the smallest style. Apparently something changed during the upgrade or the latest CKS:EBE release and now you have to specify in the tag that you want the PostCount to populate.

  • Go your theme.master page.
  • Find the code <EBE:CategoriesList runat="server" Transform-XslName="TagCloud.xsl"/>
  • Add the attribute IncludePostCount="True" to the tag
  • It should look like this now <EBE:CategoriesList runat="server" IncludePostCount="True" Transform-XslName="TagCloud.xsl"/>

Known Outstanding Issues with SharePoint 2010 and CKS:EBE

1. Future articles included in archive count
Ex: publish article with future date. This won’t show up in articles for end users. But the archive monthly count will include it.

2. Articles published on first day of month gets displayed under previous month’s archive.
Ex: Publish article with July 1st publishing date. This shows up under June archives.

Thanks to Soma M. for this information!



I have to give a huge credit to this blog: http://www.thekickboard.com/archive/2010/07/24/running-cksebe-3-0-on-sharepoint-foundation-2010.aspx.  It was the ONLY resource on the web I could find. All thanks should be given to this guy!

Also, I found Matt McDermott’s blogs to be particularly helpful in understand the construction of the CKS:EBE with our blog site. He was the one who originally built our Catapult blogs.