Yesterday Microsoft released Rollup 1 for System Center 2012.

SC 2012 RU1

RU1 includes fixes/features for VMM, App controller, and Operations Manager. For OpsManager it’s notable that support for Solaris 11 Cross Platform agents was added. While Microsoft is titling the KB Update Rollup 1 for System Center, there are separate download links if you just want VMM. or OpsManager, or App Controller.

Of course Mr. Holman was all over it! Smile

I am currently working with a customer on SCOM 2012 deployment, so we went and applied it there and then later I applied in my home lab environment. Here are my observations:

1) There is no gratifying “ok” or “update complete” dialogue box. When we applied the kb in my customer environment we were chatting away about mountain biking in Utah and where to get coffee in the neighborhood and then we look up at the screen:

“Where did it go?”

“Hmmm is there an instance of msiexec running?”


Referred back to Kevin’s blog and validated the\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server\AgentManagement\AMD64 folder contained the file KB2674695-amd64-Agent.msp we determined that the RU did apply. There are some basic validation for each server role, and the console as pointed out in Kevin’s blog – definitely take the extra minute to confirm.

2) The KB didn’t appear in Windows Update. I know for sure in my customer environment we elected not to get System Center updates from Windows update. In my lab I don’t recall setting that on or off but no dice . @CameronFullerMVP reported the same behavior in his lab. I added another management server to see if the setup routine would prompt for “Use Windows update” and it did not. This is mostly anecdotal, your experience may differ.