Greetings everyone, today I ran across a problem with my SCCM and various other things. Basically when I uninstalled SCCM R2 SQL Reporting Services Role, I began to have errors with my Management Point and several other services, and in particular the WSUS role. So, my first steps was to uninstall WSUS and install it again. Well, with no luck when I tried to install the services, I received the error, "Unable to uninstall WSUS due to an error". So, I tried several things including removing all registry entries containing "WSUS" (DON’T DO THIS!). That’s another Item I learned…don’t remove the WSUS Entries from the REGISTERY.

Instead, do this and you should be ok to install WSUS.

  1. Download the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package"
  2. Start the application from the Start –> Programs menu
  3. Find "WSUS 3.01…" and remove it.
  4. Reboot the server
  5. Now reinstall your WSUS.


Good luck and have fun with WSUS.