I don’t normally blog about something not OSD related, but this was just way too cool!

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Despite its accelerated demise on personal computers, Internet Explorer 6 remains a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise. There are simply too many mammoth companies running applications that depend upon the grizzled, old browser for it to disappear from the market share charts any time soon. A company called Browsium thinks they might have a magic pill, however.

It’s called UniBrows, and it’s a bit like IEtab for Firefox and Chrome — except that it allows Internet Explorer 6 browsing within an IE8 tab. That means a company which has IE6-specific intranet apps could move ahead with a Windows 7 migration without having to dump loads of cash and man hours into updating their applications. As Computerworld points out, that’s a scenario which affects around 1 in 5 companies.

Once installed, it’s simply a matter of creating rules in Unibrows to tell it which sites to render using IE6. Administrators will be able to manage UniBrows via an MMC snap-in, and no hardware upgrades should be required — only about 10MB of additional memory is used. If that hardware can handle a Windows 7 upgrade, surely it’s got 10MB of RAM to spare…

Browsium is currently accepting applications for beta testers — so if you think UniBrows is a good fit for your corporate environment, head on over and sign up!