As you may or may not know FEP has no dedicated console like Forefront Client Security (FCS) did.  This blog briefly demonstrates the multiple ways to install the FEP extensions for ConfigMgr. 


The first way is to use the FEP media and run serversetup.exe.  This method will guide you through a GUI based setup.

The second way is to use the FEP media and run fepux.msi.  This method will install the FEP for ConfigMgr console almost silently and silently using the /q switch.  This is a great way to install the FEP extensions via ConfigMgr or any other type of software distribution means. 

Two prerequisites needs to be done before doing either of the two methods above.  The first is getting the ConfigMgr console on your workstation and verifying that it connect to ConfigMgr.  The second is installing KB2271736.  This supports more “ManagementClass” classes in ConfigMgr.  You’ll get a warning if you run the GUI based setup that it’s not installed but you won’t get any type of warning if you run the non-GUI setup.  You’ll know the hotfix wasn’t applied if you open up policies in ConfigMgr and there aren’t any policies there.  Sometimes the hotfix might not work even after applying it.  Directions how to fix it can be found here

Non-GUI based setup

On the FEP media run \FEP2010_en-us\YOUR PROCESSOR TYPE\console\fepux.msi .


It’s installing.


Still installing.


It’s basically done when the setup window goes away.  You won’t get any notification that it was installed.

GUI based setup

On the FEP media run \FEP2010_en-us\YOUR PROCESSOR TYPE\serversetup.exe .


Click next.


You have to accept and click next.


You want to choose install only configuration manager console extensions for FEP 2010 and click Next.


The defaults should be fine but if you need to change them please do so.  Click next. 


The prerequisite check passed.  Click next.


Just a summary of what’s going to happen.  Click install.


It’s installing.


It’s installed.  Click next.


I would leave both checked to make sure everything is ok and to check for updates.  Click finish.