Recently I blogged about implementing Two-Factor/Dual Authentication for Windows Azure Active Directory and Office 365. During this blog I highlighted a problem with using a DirSync’d user and the Windows Phone 8 Active Auth App. I spoke to Microsoft about this and they found the problem and I was just notified a fix was put in! I tested in my environment and the fix is deployed and working.


When Selecting Active Authentication App and Configure it will send you to a page to setup the App either manually or using the camera and a code.


After setting up the phone and getting the Mobile App has been configured, clicking Save brought up the below message:


I hit the "verify preferred option" button and got notified on my Phone of an Authentication request


Clicking Verify allowed me to fully save the configuration and ustilize the Active Auth App for Office 365 logins. Remember that in the app you must have Push Notifications enabled.