Tomorrow, July 1st, is the date when I will find out if I have been re-awarded as an Office 365 MVP. Waiting in the Denver Airport I composed the below little poem:


‘Twas the night before MVP Renewal, when all through the Cloud

Not an MVP was sleep, waiting to unveil the shroud

The Blogs posts posted on the web with care

In Hope that Microsoft would be fully aware


The MVP’s checking out the scene

While visions of MVP Status danced in there screen

And Microsoft reviewing every little Forum Post

All that could be done was completed to the most


When the MVP candidate finally fell fast asleep

In the morning the Phone gave out such a beep

Up from the slumber did the fellow arise?

To check what was in the email surprise?


Confirmation that one more year earned

Thankful to Microsoft of what he had yearned

One more year of Status is thankfully awarded

The very such thing I have been desperately hoarded