In Operations Manager 2007 R2, one of the most common alerts that I am running into is the “SQL job failed to complete successfully” alert which is part of the SQL server management pack. In one of our environments, the request was made to provide an alert if this issue occurred for a specific job name. This is a custom job which is business critical for the environment. As background, the following is a summary of how I normally tune this alert:

To accomplish the requirement we plan to use a subscription to provide an email notification when the specific job fails to complete successfully – by limiting the subscription to this alert, and by limiting to only those which match a portion of the description field. As an example, we create a subscription for “A SQL job failed to complete successfully” where description contains “abcjob”. This approach allows us to categorize the alerts as informational (keeping the environment green and reducing email alert volume), but to still receive notifications for specific long running jobs which are identified as critical to the business.