Today Microsoft and the site hosted an Office 365 Expert Discussion Series: Troubleshooting Issues with Sending and Receiving Email in Office 365. This was a great session that discussed the Do It Yourself (DIY) troubleshooting tool for Office 365, and other resources available to assist Office 365/Exchange Online administrators with identifying and correcting any issues with Email flow in Exchange Online. The Session was recorded so you can watch the recording and get some tips and tricks for self help with Office 365.


On a side note, I recently was accepted as a member of The Grid. What is The Grid, well I think the below explanation from the FAQ on the site sums it up pretty well:

What is The Grid?

The Grid is a new community that brings together an exclusive group of Office 365 beta participants to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning among members to help each other get the most from Microsoft’s next generation of communications and collaboration services.

The reason I mention this is that I have volunteer for a Lync and Learn session around the new Lync to Phone service. It is tentatively scheduled for August 30th at 10am Pacific time. Once this is finalized I will be tweeting and blogging about it. My plan it to expand on my two blog posts about Lync to Phone. Hope you all can come and join in on the session.