Do you want a showcase of what Power Apps can do with real-world examples? Then this video is for you.
I will demo my top 10 Power Apps Examples / Scenarios in this Showcase video.
I have built these Apps from scratch and/or extended sample templates provided for Canvas PowerApps.
These Power App demos will give ideas for scenarios in which PowerApps can be used & hopefully 🤞 inspire you to build your own Microsoft Power Apps.

Examples of business applications built leveraging Power Apps:
➡️ Site Inspection Forms App
➡️ Timesheet App
➡️ My Expense Request App
➡️ Leave Request System
➡️ Desk booking / Reservation App
➡️ Inventory Management App
➡️ Help Desk / Service Desk App
➡️ Shoutout / Kudos App
➡️ Meeting Notes Power App / Meeting Capture Tool
➡️ Quiz App
➡️ Task Management App
➡️ SharePoint list & library forms customized using Power Apps.

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Video covers the following:
✅ Top 10 Power Apps Examples for beginners & more.
✅ Power Apps samples demonstrated on Mobile App, Tablet, Desktop, Microsoft 365 Search, Teams Meetings, SharePoint web parts etc.