I just wanted to make some people aware of a problem I encountered with Windows 8 Airplane Mode

I have a USB wireless adapter that helps increase my range and allows me to connect to faster wifi networks.  I recently used the new Airplane Mode feature of Windows 8, and it disabled wireless connectivity like a champ. 
When I went to turn Airplane Mode off, my wireless network adapter showed as enabled, but the radio showed off.  I tried troubleshooting until I found a simple fix below.
Note: There are some articles stating to reset the BIOS to defaults, but this is a little less envasive.
1.       Open the Network and Sharing Center
2.       Go to ‘Change Adapter Settings’
3.       Right click on the Wireless Adapter and select ‘Diagnose’
4.       The Diagnosis will most likely find the following error

        ·         Wireless Capability is Disabled

5.       Select to have the Diagnosis tool enable or ‘Turn on Wireless Capability’
6.       The Diagnosis wizard will state ‘fixed’
7.       Drink a beer and connect to a network

My theory:

There is a KB article noting an issue with enabling Airplane Mode if you have a USB Bluetooth Adapter.  In my case I had a USB Wireless Network Adapter, but had the opposite issue as this KB article with a USB Wireless Network Adapter. 
I assume that any wireless USB device (wifi\bluetooth) may encounter issues with Airplane Mode.  There could be “approved” devices, but I’m having a hard time finding any compatibility list.  I haven’t encountered the issue with my built in wireless adapter yet, just the USB Adapter.