The following is a summary from video from the DCIM-B381 session at TechEd 2014 and what additional information I have been able to gather about the upcoming Office 365 management pack.

  • The new Office 365 management pack was developed as a joint effort between the Operations Manager team and the Office 365 team.
  • As of TechEd (5/14) this Management Pack is currently in development. A pre-release of the management pack is expected to be released next week.
  • The production version is expected to be available in 4-6 weeks from TechEd as a preview (tentatively the end of June).
  • It will provide support for multiple subscriptions and it will support ADFS (it validates login so if ADFS is working it will be able to login). ADFS should still be monitored with the ADFS MP.
  • The management pack monitors if the login is successful and validates that the subscription is up and healthy.
  • The management pack pulls out services that the subscription is consuming from the services status API and shows state. It pulls out the services that a subscription is consuming and any active issues associated with it (these do not have OM state).
  • Office 365 incidents will be consumed as alerts but new and resolved.
  • Messagecenter items view shows news such as new features and messages about changes in the infrastructure.
  • This management pack is designed to work with Operations Manager 2012 R2.


A screenshot from last week’s TechEd presentation is available below and additional information should be available next week!


Thank you to Michael Amadeus Christiansen for his summary of the DCIM-B381 session and to Daniel Savage for his additional insights!