snowpocalypse 2021 blog

Figured I would share some photos from the snow in San Antonio.  Yes, I know, you northerners see this all the time, but down here we don’t and this was fairly amazing.  It dropped to 9 degrees last night and that is only the sixth time since they started keeping records that it dropped to single digits.  Today has been nice, we haven’t lost power, but we did lose water (most of our town did) for most of the day.  The dog has loved it and she has galumphed all over the place.

The family in the back yard with the dog

The family playing in the back yard with the dog

House and cars covered in snow

The front yard showing the snow almost undisturbed

A residential street with snow and single set of tire tracks

One brave soul journeyed out to Walmart to get water. Its easy to drive today, but tomorrow might be much worse.

Oh, all photos taken with my Surface Duo