The webinar recording for the Road to SCOM 2012 is now available online at:

The whitepaper is available at: 

And if you had any questions or want to see some excellent questions asked during these webinars (35+ including the following):

  • ­Do you need to reboot the server when upgrading the agent to 2012 in a multihomed migration?
  • ­Is it better to have a separate lab or a test environment which is in real prod with some multihomed agent?
  • ­Does SCOM 2012 provide Mobile console access of any sort for closing alerts?
  • ­Is there a way to upgrade the 50 sdk connection limit in OpsMgr 2012?
  • I’ve heard in-place upgrade does not work or has a highly failure rate. Is this true?

and more, check out: for the questions and answers from these sessions!