This is the final post in a series introducing  the Product Owner Advocate as a beneficial role on a project using scrum.  Especially if your product owner doesn’t have the time to commit to scrum. Here is how we defined the role briefly:

The product owner advocate is a role that allows a business analyst to provide the TIME necessary to support a scrum team, while keeping the AUTHORITY with the product owner. This BA represents the interests of the product owner to the scrum team and ‘advocates’ for the product. They are committed to the product and are invested in spending time with the product owner, to understand their priorities, desires, biases, etc., as well as the scrum team where they represent the product owner.

In today’s post let’s look at the fifth, six and seventh in a series of responsibilities and see how the product owner advocate would work with the product owner and the scrum team.

Participating in sprint reviews

The product owner must participate in this step, depending on the team and organization they will participate either as a reviewer or presenter. The advocate would work alongside the owner, but most likely in a support role rather than a key participant.

Participating in sprint retrospectives

The product owner and advocate would participate equally in the retrospective in items related to backlog management processes.

Representing the product to the organization

The product owner would still be the primary representative of the product to the rest of the organization. In this context the advocate would work with the product owner to be sure the progress and product met the product owner’s expectations and that the product owner had the right information to represent to the organization.


My objective with these post was to help us think outside the box by using a business analyst creatively when faced with a less than ideal situation with the product owner. I hope that you can see the benefits that a good business analyst can bring to this situation and allow a team to execute scrum effectively.