Are you a user group coordinator looking to find speakers or sponsors for your event?

Are you a trying to find a user group focused on the Cloud or System Center?

Are you a speaker looking to present to user group communities around the world?

Are you a vendor who makes products which augment System Center or the Cloud?

If any of the above is true, come join us at the MSCloudCommunity!! MSCloudCommunity was announced today at SCU Europe. It exists to assist System Center & Cloud user group communities by bringing together the key components of a user group: attendees, speakers, user group coordinators & sponsors. Find your user group of interest, speaker for your event or have an overview of events in the near future.

If you are interested in more details on what is available for User Group Coordinators, Speakers, Sponsors or attendees see the following:


User Group Coordinators

Running a user group community requires hard work and a lot of effort especially in identifying speakers and sponsors for the user group events. The goal of MSCloudCommunity is to provide a single location for user group coordinators to simplify this process through:

•Providing an easy method to introduce user group coordinators to potential sponsors and speakers.

•Bring together the worldwide community of user group leaders and Cloud & System Center focused groups to share best practices and reusable content.

•The goal is to accomplish each of the above items without changing your user group or how it functions. Each user group which is part of MSCloudCommunity is their own entity and is not subject to any rules or restrictions for how they run their user group.



As a speaker, joining MSCloudCommunity gets the word out for who you are to the System Center & Cloud focused user group communities around the world. This can open the door to speaking to communities around the globe.



If you want to get the word out about your products MSCloudCommunity is a one stop shop to provide you with introduction to user groups around the world. Joining MSCloudCommunity adds your company to the list of potential sponsors for all user group communities which are part of the site.



MSCloudCommunity is your one stop shop to find a user group community near wherever you are!


Thank you to all of the team who has worked diligently to make this idea a reality! Check out the website now available at: