One item I have not discussed in this blog post series yet is the fact that Operations Manager does have a web console and this web console can be used on some mobile platforms. The key to consider is that this web console requires Silverlight. So you either need to be able to install Silverlight on your mobile device, or you need to install a Terminal Services / Citrix configuration (or maybe use Azure IaaS) which you can then remotely connect to. From my tests Silverlight does not work on any of the platforms I used for my testing: Android, iPad and Surface 2 RT.


Android & Silverlight: Browser is not supported.

Android no silver.png

iPad & Silverlight: Browser is not supported.


Surface 2 RT & Silverlight: … may not be supported on your computer’s hardware or operating system.

Ironically, the only thing is that I’ve found one thing that all of my mobile devices can agree on is that they don’t like Silverlight L.

This significantly decreases the mobile devices which can directly access the Operations Manager console.


Savision Live Maps:

So this brings me to Savision Live Maps which has a web console which also has a mobile component available for it. I had planned on writing a blog post on this topic but during my research I found that one of my MVP colleagues had already done a great job with this! Bob’s blog post is available at: And Savision has a copy of the same blog post available at:


Live Maps Mobile Summary: Live Maps customers should really check out this feature. If you already have your Live Maps in place this is easy to integrate and provides a solid solution to view information on your Live Maps for Android and iPad mobile devices. Additionally it looks like Windows 8 phones can also use this application (details available at


More information about the Savision mobile piece of Live Maps is available at: