I did my first installation of System Center Orchestrator 2012 in my home lab this evening. As a good practice always go to Windows update and install all of the necessary security updates for Windows Server 2008 R2. System Center Orchestrator 2012 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Click the link in step 2 to install .NET 4.


Prerequisites to Install SCORCH


  1. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)


  3. Create a domain account, (scorch_admin) and add this account to the Local Administrator Group on the SCORCH Server

  4. Authorize this domain account to "Log on as a Service"

    Start > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Open Log on as a service


    Add the SCORCH service account > Click OK


  1. Create a SQL database. I used SQL 2008 R2 for this installation.
    1. Open SQL Server Management Studio > Create a New Database "Orchestrator"


    2. Add the service account to the SQL server

    3. Add the following db_owner role for the Service account to the Orchestrator database

  2. Create an Active Directory Group > Add the SCORCH service account and your AD account to the group.


Install SCORCH

  1. Download and extract the file


  1. Run the setupsco.exe
  2. The Orchestrator installation begins. I chose to install all of the features by clicking Install Orchestrator


  1. No product key needed for the Beta installation

  2. Select and install all Features for the lab > Next

  1. The Prerequisites checker runs. If the system is missing anything here it will install it, (IIS) or you will have to stop and install your missing prerequisites.

  1. Configure the Orchestrator Service Account. Click Test to verify authentication > Next

  1. Browse to your SQL server > Choose Windows Authentication > Choose use an Existing Database > Next

  1. Add the AD group the you created to authorize access to the Run Book Designer > Click Browse to add the group > Click OK

  1. Check the Grant remote access for the Runbook Designer > Click Next

  1. Click Next

  2. Click Next

  3. The installation summary page appears > Click Install

  4. Installation Complete


When the installation is complete the Runbook Designer console launches

System Center Orchestrator Runbook Designer Console


Orchestrator Management Server Console


System Center Orchestrator Web Console View (Summary)

System Center Orchestrator Web Console View (RunBooks)

System Center Orchestrator Web Console View (Jobs)

System Center Orchestrator Web Console View (Instances)