Remediating clustered Hyper-V hosts using System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager SP1 Beta is pretty darn cool.  I’m going to demonstrate how to start the process, discuss what is going on, and wrap it up with my thoughts.  There really isn’t much to do assuming your cluster is setup properly and you have a function WSUS server that VMM is controlling. 

In the screenshot below you’ll see that I have one VM running on host1 and three VMs running on host2.

Notice that both host1 and host2 are non compliant according to VMM after running a scan.

In VMM I’m going to click on my Hyper-V cluster name and then remediate. 
This screen shows I will be remediating both host1 and host2, restarts will be involved if necessary, and I want to live migrate the guest VMs so there isn’t any downtime.  I could choose to save the state but that’s not as fun as live migrations! 

Once you click remediate the fun starts.  Literally after that it’s on auto-pilot.
Notice how the guest VM is automatically being live migrated from host2 to host1.


All the guest VMs are now on host1 so VMM will start updating host2.



Host2 is updated.  Now VMM is going to live migrate all the guest VMs from host1 to host2 so it can update Host1.




All the Guest VMs are now on host2.screenshot.48

Host1 is being updated.



Please excuse the “photo” but I wanted to show that host1 is rebooting during the process.  Host2 didn’t reboot because I only installed one update on it and that update did not require a reboot.  I’m installing two updates on host1 and one of those updates requires a reboot. VMM takes care of those reboots.DSCF2349


The one thing I wish would happen is all the guest VMs would go back to the hosts they were on before the remediation.  I’m not using preferred owners so they will sit all on host2 unless I move DC01 back to host1

Overall remediating your Hyper-V hosts is pretty darn simple.  You really don’t need to do too much.  Hint-make sure you tell your boss installing updates on your Hyper-V hosts is time consuming so you can close the door and take a short nap while he/she thinks you’re working hard and need concentration!