I recently realized that one year ago today I started writing for the OpsMgr 2012 Unleashed book! The good news is that a lot can happen in one year (such as the creation of a 1200 page book on OpsMgr). In that year, we’ve had three authors and more than a half a dozen contributors working to write what we hope to be the go-to book for this technology. We’ve had some big bumps along the road but we have adapted (including the addition of Service Pack 1 content). We’ve given back to the community for this version including the release of  a free VMM dashboard pack available at:



The authors wrote this book for the folks out there who built their OpsMgr environments working from the previous books or have used the book to the point that it was falling apart at the seams (we have a great picture of that one).


So, here’s the highlights on who, what and when!


Authors: Kerrie Meyler, Cameron Fuller, John Joyner

Contributors: Pete Zerger, Marnix Wolf, Oskar Landman, Scott Moss, Jonathan Almquist, Alex Fedotyev

Technical Editor: Kevin Holman [Yes, THE Kevin Holman. 🙂 ]

Concepts: Adding “Fast Track” [For existing Operations Manager administrators who have already read the previous books, what do you need to know from each chapter to get you up to speed on the changes quickly!]

Status: Release date on Amazon – End of Feb 2013

The book is available for preorder here!