Writing free software for the community often come with little reward. But it is great to get positive feedback. I can’t help but smile at the feedback that SUSHI has gotten:

Probably the most useful free SharePoint tool out there! Saved me hours of work many many times. Some really innovative features (e.g. copy list view). Great stuff! Please keep it up. Thanks for sharing the results of your hard work!. Greg
by Greg_O on Mar 9 at 7:22 AM
Some great functions. Definitely going to use that tool often in the future.
by Dublette on Mar 2 at 2:19 AM
God bless you, Joseph. You may just get that Wikipedia page after all. 🙂
by panoone on Feb 4 at 8:24 PM

The last comment is the funniest of all. I hope he is right! SUSHI has had 13,000 downloads today and is in the top 25 downloads in the category of SharePoint over the last 7 days.