As you might have read, Office 365 Administration Streamlined and Simplified. I have observed several of these simplified changes over the past few days, but one caught my eye today, while doing a demo for a client. The below changes are related to modifying a User in the Office 365 Admin Center.

Selecting a User from the Users and Groups:

The above is for an Online Account or one that shows as "In Cloud" in the status field in the list. First thing I noticed was that instead of usually going to the ‘licenses’ section for the user it now goes into the ‘details’ section.

Selecting the ‘settings’ section has some changes as well:

Gone is the "Set User Location’ from the Settings section, but where did it go, well I found it by selecting the ‘licenses’ secion:

Now the ‘Set user location’ area has been moved to the ‘licenses’ section.

Now let’s check out the new ’email address’ section:

Now as you can see above, you can manage email address from the Office 365 Admin Center and not need to go to the Exchange Admin Center.

Some nice and helpful changes for sure. If you don’t see these in your Tenant, please understand that these changes are being rolled out and might take a bit of time to reach your Tenant.