Kevin Idzi of Microsoft was kind enough to leave a comment on my Extracting SharePoint Data using SSIS post informing me of Integration Services enhancements posted on CodePlex.

I had been delaying posting as I wanted to have a full sample showing it in use, but between work and buying a new house recently, I have not had the time to put together my virtual machine images for a complete demo.

The community sample has the following components available to download (in separate install packages):

  • XML Destination Pipeline component
  • Regular Expression Flat File for regular expression based flat file parsing
  • Delimited Flat File Parser, for files with rows that are missing column fields
  • Package Generation Sample
  • Hello World Sample for demonstrating using the UI API
  • SharePoint List Source and Destination – this component was written by Kevin
  • WMI Source Component

All of these components are available for download here.

The base requirements for installing these components are .NET 3.5 and SQL 2008 Integration Services.

Once you run the MSI, you will be able to select the two new adapters from the "Choose Toolbox Items" dialogue:

One of the nice features that Kevin included in this adapter is the ability to execute CAML queries against the SharePoint List:



If you do not know how to write CAML or are not good at it like I am, then use the U2U CAML Query Builder written by Patrick Tisseghem; I’ve got a quick tutorial here: CAML Query Builder.

If you have any feedback about using this SharePoint List Adapter with SSIS, please be sure to leave comments or suggestions on the CodePlex site for Kevin and his team.