I’ve been running an SSD as my primary drive for a few weeks now and it performs quite well without issues. Visual Studio build times are cut way down which for a huge project like the one I am working on means savings of tens of seconds per build, which is huge. Outlook doesn’t hang. Boot up and shut down are much better. Total cost: $260 + $50 = $310.

Using winsat tool:

  • Patriot Torqx SSD 64 GB, as primary drive in laptop
    • Sequential read: 116 MB/s (3 x faster)
    • Random read: 39 MB/s (35 x faster)
    • Sequential write: 90 MB/s (2.5 x faster)


  • 7200 RPM 100 GB in expansion slot:
    • Sequential read: 40 MB/s
    • Random read: 1.11 MB/s
    • Sequential write: 34.7 MB/s