So many good tools out there, and yet not all of them get noticed…..

At the SQL Pass conference the week before, I attended one of the classes by the Microsoft CSS groups on common Analysis Services support issues.  While not the best presentation format or speaking, the information and thought processes were very relevant and thought out, so all in all – good session. 

What surprised me was how few of the attendees were familiar with Mosha’s MDX Studio that the Microsoft speaker presented as a resource – so in the nature of spreading the good word, here is the link:

What is it? From Mosha’s site:

MDX Studio is tool which helps users of Microsoft Analysis Services to analyze complex MDX expressions, monitor performance characteristics of MDX queries and get insight into how MDX interacts with other UDM features such as attribute relationships. MDX Studio provides unique visualization representation of MDX expression and allows the user to interact with different stages of MDX execution.