I maintain a rollup table of project metrics, which get updated on a frequent basis. This table contains a lot of calculations and data from multiple sources, which first populates a TABLE variable. Once all of the calculations and aggregate data sources have been completed, I want to update my project metrics table with the contents of the TABLE variable. Rather than looping through my table variable and updating my project metrics table one row at a time, I would like to perform a BULK UPDATE. Turns out to be a very simple SQL statement in which I join the table I am updating [dbo].[DeliveryDashboardProjectMetrics] with my TABLE variable @work in order update the associated columns:


        [d].[ProjectId] = w.[ProjectId], 
        [d].[ProjectType] = w.[ProjectType], 
        [d].[Solution] = w.[Solution], 
        [d].[EstimatedStart] = w.[EstimatedStart], 
        [d].[EstimatedEnd] = w.[EstimatedEnd], 
        [d].[EstimatedHours] = w.[EstimatedHours], 
        [d].[EstimatedRevenue] = w.[EstimatedRevenue], 
        [d].[ClientRating] = w.[ClientRating], 
        [d].[FirstActivity] = w.[FirstActivity], 
        [d].[LastActivity] = w.[LastActivity], 
        [d].[ActualHours] = w.[ActualHours], 
        [d].[ActualRevenue] = w.[ActualRevenue], 
        [d].[NonbillHours] = w.[NonbillHours], 
        [d].[BillHours] = w.[BillHours], 
        [d].[AverageRate] = w.[AverageRate], 
        [d].[EffectiveRate] = w.[EffectiveRate] 
        [dbo].[DeliveryDashboardProjectMetrics] [d] 
        INNER JOIN @work w ON [d].ProjectId = w.ProjectId