I will be speaking at the 2009 SharePoint Conference in October. I cannot publish all the details but my topic is:

Developing Social Applications with SharePoint 2010

This lecture focuses on the developer interfaces for the API and Web services for SharePoint 2010. Social Computing with SharePoint involves creating people aware applications that take advantage of User Profiles, People oriented data, and Personalization built into SharePoint. This session will demonstrate development techniques for:

  • Using SharePoint 2010 User Profiles
  • Working with the SharePoint User Profile and New Web Services
  • Taking action on User Profile Changes
  • Using People oriented data in Custom Applications


I am excited that this will be a 400 level session. I finally get to dive deeply into some fun code and features that I know can help organizations build great applications.

If you have not signed up you should do so quickly. The conference is nearly sold out.

Join Me at SPC