Cats are agile and curious creatures. Organizations which allow themselves to focus on core competencies and outsource other functions, such as SharePoint and SQL monitoring and administration, also are typically more agile and competitive in their markets.


Server huggers (you know who you are), while completely able to control technology expertise, often find challenges with turnover, both hard and soft costs related to training, the time it takes to staff open positions (an average of 51 days, by the way) and manage new technologies.


If you want to alleviate the hassle and cost of continuously expanding your internal IT resources, turn the tables on turnover and focus on your core competencies, ask yourself a few questions:

What service level agreements, if any, do I have in place currently should problems arise?

Am I paying my IT wizards top dollar for routine system maintenance chores?

Am I fielding business user requests for customizations I don’t have the time or expertise to deliver?

Am I too busy mopping up the floor to turn off the faucet?


Sometimes my prospective clients tell me, "We’re not big enough for Managed Services." And then I pose the question, "Why does size matter?" When we help lighten the load of the day to day management of our client’s applications and servers we help companies of all sizes play a more strategic role in supporting their business strategy. At the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?