At Catapult Systems we understand that if your business strategy is to grow significantly it’s likely that you don’t want your operating costs to grow at the same time. We have found that, as organizations increasingly focus on innovation, they find benefit in outsourcing rudimentary functions. Since we serve multiple clients in the same sector and multiple clients facing similar problems across different sectors we are seeing every day a growing number of companies are finding it more and more difficult to manage all the facets of their IT operations.

Our clients have been asking us to provide SharePoint, Lync and Exchange and SQL support for a long-time. As you are probably aware, there are not many resources available to people looking for on-going support. Most consulting firms show you the black jack hands, i.e., clap out, once they have implemented the applications and you’re left on your own. For us, our SAFE Managed Services is a natural extension of what we do and we created our Catapult SAFE Managed Services to help you control the chaos that occurs as you grow your business. This way you can focus on the core competencies you excel in that got you into the business you’re in in the first place.

As the Gartner Group reports, "There is little question that SharePoint has quickly become the collaboration environment of choice. However, there is a clear skills gap between the demand SharePoint has created and the supply of well-trained implementation and administrative personnel." And that’s just SharePoint. Try finding and retaining a qualified Lync Administrator! Couple that gap in competency levels with your organizations need to improve operational efficiencies and the introduction of new technologies and standards and the benefits you can reap with our SAFE Managed Services becomes clear. We have the knowledge, resources and skill-set already in place with our mature Microsoft consulting practice and we provide a multifaceted team of experts in everything you need—all for less than what you would need to pay to add one IT person.