So the Big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was this week. If you are in to technology I am surely not breaking any news here. What I would like to talk about is the great news around the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform this week. Numerous new phones were announced, my top two are the two new AT&T LTE 4G phones, the HTC Titan II (more about this later) The Nokia 900 (Best New Phone at CES winner).
Microsoft lead with and spent a good portion of the CES Keynote talking about the WP7 platform. I am extremely happy with the direction of WP7 development and hoping that 2012 is the year of WP7!
One other cool thing that Microsoft, and more specifically, Ben Rudolph (@BenThePCGuy) did was the “Smoke by Windows Phone” $100 challenges during CES. Ben with his trusty HTC Titan I in hand would challenge other mobile phones to speed tests. The results were pretty great, Ben and WP7 had an 88% win over the other phone platforms! Read about and watch videos about the head-to-head battles at Ben’s blog here!
So back to the Titan II, it is a great phone, LTE 4G, 16, yes SIXTEEN, megapixel camera and a 4.7″ screen. So my BIG problem with this phone is…..I JUST BOUGHT THE TITAN I barely 3 months ago and now this is announced! While I greatly appreciate that HTC, and AT&T along with the Nokia 900, are jumping into the LTE 4G speed lane, why release the Titan I at all? I used my available upgrade window with AT&T to upgrade to the Titan I with AT&T from the Samsung Focus (a great first generation WP7 phone). I want WP7 to succeed, I want to IOS iPhone and Android world to open their eyes to a great platform! But why oh why am after only a couple of months stuck (without paying the non-contract price) an older phone after only a few months?

I am not even sure I would go with the Titan II at this point, would want to check out the Nokia 900 as well. But I am pretty disappointed that The Titan I, the Samsung Focus S (Mango WP7 phone upgrade from my first generation Focus and at the time a phone I looked at to upgrade too) came out in November, and now in the first half of January are already out of date. I would love for HTC, AT&T or Microsoft to make it up to their loyal WP7 users by giving me the chance to upgrade to the latest WP7 phone at the new contract price! Not asking for much, ask anyone who knows me, I constantly talk about WP7 and tell everyone how this is not Windows Mobile 5,6, or 6.5 but a complete and utter refresh and awesome mobile phone OS!