One of the great benefits of attending the Project Conference is the ability to network with the larger Microsoft Project implementing community.  After the reception, a group of us headed out into the quiet night of downtown Phoenix for dinner.  (Peter will be posting the video of the discussion later if he can actually figure out how to use the Flip.)

We ended up chatting with Vadim Bogdanov of the Project Server 2003 OLAP Extender fame.  Anyone who implemented the 2003 product will tell you that his product was de rigueur for OLAP cube implementation.

Anyway, it turns out the they’ve got a lot of interesting products for both Microsoft Project Professional 2007 and Project Server 2007.  For anyone interested in seeing what’s possible, I would highly recommend taking a look at their Website.

They’re the second group (or is it third, the mind goes fuzzy) releasing a Monte Carlo add in to MS Project.