With prices for solid state media dropping seemingly month over month, it will not be long before we start seeing solid state media being used regular SQL Server implementations and not just edge cases or leading adopters.

If you subscribe to SQL Server Magazine, then you can access Levon Peters article in the June 2008 publication.

Texas Memory Systems is a professional provider of solid state storage systems; they have a white paper from September 2007 that is informative and posts solid measurements on the server subsystem in order to explain performance gains — obviously take with a grain of salt given that they are a vendor, however it is relatively objective.

IBM posted a gloss on reliability and points of failure, but not much more in it other than some high level numbers.

The laptops we use here at Catapult all have EC card slots — I will pick up a solid state drive to test a database on and post the numbers once I have some test cases built.

If nothing else, running some of my virtual machines off of this drive will definitely speed the machine up, however I expect SQL’s performance to have an amazing increase.